Allergistic is a first-of-it's-kind mobile app tailored to helping deliver a smooth allergist daily workflow.

Allergistic's focus is to improve the flow of the clinician, so that actual face time spent with a patient is meaningful, more informative, and efficient.


Extract Inventory

Manage your extracts with accuracy.


Allergistic tracks Lot #'s, expiration dates, and much more.  We provide built in catalogs from the industry's top extract manufacturers, and even provide you with easy ways to get your extract vial inventoried using auto-detect image processing technology.



EHR or not...


We can store your patient data for you on our HIPAA-compliant backend solution, or you can hook into your current EHR and get your patient data from there. Either way, we provide you with insights on your Allergistic data at a global or patient-specific level.



Skin Test Tracking

Enter results swiftly, and see reactions in real-time.


Record your patient's skin test results quickly without picking up a pen.  We handle both percutaneous and intradermal skin testing, and allow you to track at a per-site level everything from the wheal and flare (quantitative or qualitative), to the shape of the reaction (normal, pseudopod, or satellite).

With a single tap, we quickly allow you to add a non-reactive percutaneous site instantly to the intradermal test, and also allow you to swap it out with another extract or mix of your choice.


Prescription Writer

It beats paper, and it's a whole lot more shareable and reusable.


Get your maintenance concentrate prescriptions built quickly based on skin test results. Allergistic provides an intuitive Rx Builder that you can customize to your practice needs. We support single or multi-vial prescriptions that you can label accordingly based on your patient documentation requirements and refrigerator organization.



Treatment Set Builder

Technicians will thank you.


Build patient treatment sets based on the prescriptions you write.  Allergistic takes care of the math and guides you as you build out a patient's treatment set.  Sets can also be filled by a remote office or pharmacy.



Shot Tracker

Accurately track patient allergy shots of the course of treatment


Allergistic allows you to build the patient shot schedule any way you see fit.  Allergistic features shot location recording, shot holding, and maintenance doses.




Our platform is built to take advantage of the latest in iOS security technologies. We store all cached data locally on the device, as well as on our backend servers using AES-256+SHA2 encryption.  When the data is in-transit over the Internet, we use industry standard HTTPS/SSL.  If you link to an EHR, we also only pull down minimal PHI from your provider. Your patient data is safe with us.

Much more... 


Here's some of the other features we include:

  • Shot Tracker (coming during Beta)
  • Patient consent forms for easy signing, printing, emailing, texting
  • Analytic graphs proving you valuable insight into your data
  • Multi-clinician login support
  • Multi-EHR support with more coming

Drop us a line and let us know what else you would like to see!